Beyond Fitness



Not just your run of the mill cardio boxing class. We take a Spartan approach to your training that will prepare your body, mind and spirit for just about anything.  Complete core development and striking specific training will guide anyone towards being fight "capable."  Boxing, kick boxing and a variety of martial arts training is incorporated into every class.  Get strong, shed body fat, develop confidence and self esteem BEYOND your wildest dreams!  Self defense techniques are also taught periodically to ensure you get the absolute most from our classes.

BEYOND Group classes

Not only will we help you achieve your fitness goals, we will make sure that you go so far BEYOND them in the process.  We take a holistic approach to training that encourages you to develop your mind and spirit, along with your body. Leave the mindless "calorie burn" workout's behind, and go far BEYOND anything you've ever dreamed possible. We pay personal attention to YOU, and will help guide and encourage you toward any goals that you set out for.  Every class will accommodate ANY fitness level.


Monday - Friday

5:30 am

7:00 am

8:15 am

​5:30 pm

Additional Classes on

Tuesday and Thursday

9:30 am

Saturday Classes vary

All classes are approximately 60 minutes in length